CRNA Questions

  1. Can someone please help me out and answer the following questions that i need to complete an interview project....
    1.) How long have you worked as a CRNA?
    2.) What was your educational background when you were hired at your current job as a CRNA?
    3.) What experience did you have before doing this position?
    4.) Did you take special training for this field?
    5.) What kind of person/personality enjoys this kind of work?
    6.) What is the nature of your work? what are the work hours and conditions?
    7.) What percent of your time is spent on paperwork? on seeing patients? on nursing procedures?on pt teaching? on committe work? other tasks?
    8.) Which of these areas do you find most interesting or satisfying?
    9.) What aspects of the position are most difficult or troublesome?
    10.) Would you recommend this work to other nurses?

    I really appreciate your answering these questions.
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