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After reading the new AANA educational program policies and hearing about the renewed interest in increasing doctorate prepared nurse anesthetists (both clinical and PhD), I am curious what doctorate... Read More

  1. by   MmacFN
    well im not arguing with yoga

    I understand what your saying, i just think that your either ethical or you are not, it isnt taught.

    Good post turtle and you are right! Thanks !
  2. by   rayman
    Well said,turtle.

    Mike I think you looking at things far too simplistically. Ethics for the most part isn't so much black and white but many shades of gray. Being a professional, especially at the na level, requires one to think more globally at times and this requires a fairly rounded education and world experience. Sure one can be a geek and concentrate solely on the hard sciences, but ethical considerations require more than science. Granted, the thought of more nursing theory, etc. is a bit nauseated and I am sure in a year or so I'll be eating these words, but I do have some appreciation of why I have to take them and although they may not have any immediate impact on my daily practice, at some point in time I will go "oh yeah, I remember....". No such thing as a wasted class...something can be used somewhere at some time.
  3. by   MmacFN

    well ill be taking them so it will be interesting to see what they can teach me that i havent already encountered about ethics in the last 10 years.

    Its a req. for the MSN so it has to be done. There were similar classes in the BScN which were reqs. but happened to be exactly what i expected, useless past the final exam. Maybe the grad classes with almost identicle names will be different. Only time will tell!
  4. by   UTBME
    Just so i get this straight...

    Does this proposal mean that current CRNAs would have to go back and get a DNP or just those seeking a CRNA degree after 2015?

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