1. I have talked to a guy that is in school for his ADN and he lives in Ohio. Well he said that he can do a program where he is working on CRNA and BSN at them same time. Has anyone else heard of this? What do you think of this?

    I have always heard and read that you get your BSN then work in ICU for 1-2 years and then apply to a CRNA/MSN program for 27+ months
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  3. by   New CCU RN
    Nope, for CRNA never heard of that. In fact the AANA requires a BS and some schools want the BSN.
  4. by   GAstudent
    That is what I thought..
  5. by   smogmatt
    i think Gannon U. in Eire PA has a ADN to MSN program, its been a while but as I recall, all MSN students had to take several "basic" Graduate nursing classes before they went into their specallity majors, when you did this ADN to MSN program it took you an extra year or 2 to knock out the extra credits out. I know there are several ADN to MSN NP programs but this is the only one I know of w/in the CRNA world

  6. by   jewelcutt
    In new york, there are a few programs I think where if you ahave a BS in something you can apply to the bsn/crna program. You do the bsn in a year and pretty much have gauranteed admittance to the crna program. My friend was originally in this, but I think they only take like 5 students and the compettition is pretty high, like lawyers and vets.

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