1. What do you all think is more competitive, the large 'ranked' schools, or the small programs? And what about location? the large schools in large cities in NYC, Chicago, etc, or the small rural areas in KY, TN, etc? I'm not necessarily talking # of apps vs number of accepted b/c obviously if its a small program it will take less people, I just mean in general, do you think more people apply to the large schools in large cities or what? Just curious what you all think?
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  3. by   nilepoc
    I think that names attract attention. I mean, I have to admit that getting into the program I did made me feel very happy. So much so that I skipped all of my other interviews. Beyond the name though I really liked what they had to offer in the way of class arraingement and the ability to do extra trauma rotations. Along with a good deal of regional experience.

    I think you are going to find that how competitive a program is, will be a subjective measure at best. One persons de rigure program, will be another persons ho hum program.

    I personally applied to a mix of smaller programs, and big ones. I knew I wanted the bigger ones, but hedged my bet witth some smaller ones. I was just not sure that I was competitive enough for the "big schools". I was applying in a vacum, there was no other RN around that was applying to the caliber of schools I was. The one other person I worked with that was pursuing CRNA, was applying to schools that did not require the GRE.

    Not having someone to compare myself to, I thought my GRE sucked and that I did not have a chance. The only person I had to compare myself too, was a friend that scored 2100 on the GRE and is pursuing a phD in Chemistry. I thought i had done poorly, until the day I interviewed.

    I hope my rambling made some sense. I need to go to bed, I just got off of work.

  4. by   jfpruitt
    Yes, you made sense I know theoretically, the smaller schools would be more competitive just based on the percentage of applicant's vs the spots they have. This is a % though. I am more interested in what schools have the big time players applying (aka GRE of 2100) and which schools get the avg joe's (like me). Thanks for the info and congrats on doing so well in your interview!!
  5. by   SambvcaSim
    WOW!!! A 2100 on the GRE!!!

    Well, thanks for deflating me, I thought I did well! (lol) Just kidding! That has to be the highest I have heard yet! Congrats to your friend!

  6. by   jfpruitt
    Really!! I have yet to take mine, but the 'practice' tests the highest I've gotten was a 1500. thats nowhere near 2100!!!
  7. by   nilepoc
    mine ws no where near that, I got an 1860

  8. by   alansmith52
    well I only got a 1210 on my first diagnostic after working all night. I should be able to get up to 1500

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