1. I want to ask a question...I am working as a CNA in a nursing home....I am 20 years old I have children and I am married..I am in school taking my ADN pre reqs and I will not finish it until 2006 then I want to take the Gateway program to get my BSN and then go for the CRNA...does this seem ok...or should I just get a loan and pay for school to go on and get my BSN and then CRNA? thanks or all the help..also does anyone know where I can get financial assistance to help pay for my BSN...I live in Georgia and in Georgia I get my ADN paid for with the HOPE scholarship. I don't have a school near me that I can get hope and get my BSN in the state of GA..but I can go to TEnnessee and get my BSN but have to pay out of state tuition and it is 1700 in state a sem and 3700 out of state..which is what i have to pay....THANKS
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    this is a subject that has been discussed many times before so you may be able to find a thread or two that could help you. but i will try to restate some of the comments from before.

    many nurses think that getting your adn and working in the icu while finishing your bsn is a very good route. this way you are gaining the experience you need and working towards your goal at the same time. also, a lot of hospitals have tuition reimbursement programs that could benefit you.

    personally i think that if you are going to get your prereqs done and then do two years of nursing school, then why not make those two years in a bsn program? but everyones situation is different.

    just keep working towards your goal and you will get there. and as far as financial aid most people fill out the FAFSA form and apply for aid that way. the deadline to apply for fall 2003 is coming up so i would either pick up a form at school or go online.

    good luck