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  1. Well, graduation may be just less than two years away, but I love early starts. And on that note, I think I've finally decided that Chicago is the city for me when I graduate. My question is if anyone here is from or works in the city. I'd like to live and work downtown, but know absolutely nothing about hospitals there, or what parts of the city are good neighborhoods vs. sketchy areas. I prefer a large level I facility, that does peds. I'd definitely consider a children's hospital. I'd appreciate any help or suggestions from any locals. Thanks!!!
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  3. by   nursemcdonald
    I grew up there. The hospitals are great, but living close to the hospitals means living in areas that for the most part are not as nice as one would like. UIC is in a tougher part than Northwestern... I personally think the Wilmette area is the coolest. Check out for housing and other cool links...

    good luck.

  4. by   rockabye06
    Dear NC Girl,

    Just curious, but why do you want to come to Chicago? I just got accepted to Rush Univ.'s Anesthesia program and I have to be here for another 2 1/2 yrs. I wish it were yesterday. I'm just tired of the weather and hustle and bustle of the big city. Don't get me wrong, there are so many things to do here!! However, after living here for 30+ years, it's time for a change. Ironically enough, North Carolina is one state I'm considering when I finish.

    As far as hospitals go, Northwestern is in the Gold Coast, along Lake Michigan and near the very posh Mag Mile (Michigan Ave) shopping district. Very expensive to live near here. I've heard of a new grad CRNA who started there 2 years ago with a $25K sign-on bonus and $100K/yr. Children's Memorial is the best childrens hospital in Chicago. It is in Lincoln Park, also a very nice area and expensive to live in. University of Chicago is in Hyde park (South Side). Very good hospital, but not such a great neighborhood. Rush, UIC (University of Illinois) and Cook County are all in the Medical Center District on the Near West Side. This area, while slightly rough, is changing very quickly. Property values are increasing rapidly with new construction everywhere.

    If you have any specific questions, please PM me, OK? NC Girl.

  5. by   nursemary9

    I have lived in Chicago all my life & have worked here for years. The previous
    poster is right on the mark!

    It really is a great city,but you need to be aware that it is expensive;
    We do have hard winters here--cold,snowy and long.
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  7. by   SRNAVic

    Check out the bridgeport neighborhood when you move. I know that some of the people from Chicago on this message board would scoff at that idea and tell you that bridgeport is a rough side of town, but it really isn't. It's generally gotten a bad rap over the years. Take a ride through there and check out the very nice houses and tight neighborhood feel. The area is very close to all the major highways and hospitals, you'll be able to find somewhere to park (unlike in wrigleyville or essentially anywhere in Lincoln park), drunk Cubs fans won't urinate on your front lawn, and your neighbors will look out for you. Plus, this area of the city is generally responsible for producing most of the Mayors of the city over the years (the Daley's--dad and son most notably).

    I hope this helps...


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