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  1. Does anyone who may have recently graduated or is still in school know of a good book or computer program to assist in studying for the certification exam. Someone I know who has been out of school for a long while and still unsuccessful on the certification exam has ask me for help in locating a good study book or computer disk. Any help would be appreciated..
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  3. by   Katnip
    Do you mean the NCLEX?

    Mosby, Saunders, and Kaplan have good books. Kaplan offers a prep course. NCSBN offers an online tutorial.
  4. by   gooser
    no, not the NCLEX. The nurse anesthesia certification exam.
  5. by   smiling_ru
    Did the person attend the valley review seminar? Just about everyone says that if you know the material from valley you will pass the exam.
  6. by   Qwiigley
    Valley Review is the only way to go. Valley Anesthesia.com, I think.
  7. by   SCHMEGGA
    Originally posted by Qwiigley
    Valley Review is the only way to go. Valley Anesthesia.com, I think.
    The $710 is very steep for the course and the review book though. It is the only one to attend so they can charge whatever they would like I guess.
  8. by   Passin' Gas
    Anesthesia conferences tuition fees are increasing slowly but surely.

    IPGE Institute for Post-Gradute Education
    Albuquerque, 20 CEUs, $450, hotel $125/night
    Key West, 24 CEUs, $495, hotel $165/night

    Pain Management and Regional Anesthesia Symposium hosted by the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Conference in Key West, 26 CEUs, $600, hotel room at the special rate is $239/night

    Anesthesiology Update, hosted by UCSD School of Medicine, San Diego, 21 CEUs, $500, hotel $168/night

    Nurse Anesthesiology Faculty Associates, hosted by MCV in Richmond, Conference in Williamsburg, VA, 24 CEUs, $350, hotel $74/night

    That's just to give you an idea of what the continuing education conferences cost. Continuing education conferences are a great way to keep up with new developments in anesthesia and network with past acquaintances and meet new people. If you work FOR someone be sure to get a decent education fund to support these trips. If you are an independent contractor, the trip expenses are deductible business expenses for tax purposes.


    PS $710 on a student's (nonexistent) income is a hard hit. But the quality of the classes these guys put together is well worth the investment.