Botox and CRNA's

  1. Wondering if anyone knows if CRNA's can deliver Botox injections. I begin CRNA program at Arkansas State in January 2007. I have a while until I graduate, (don't worry, I didn't go into this with the hopes of delivering botox injections!) just curious as to CRNA scope of practice related to this.
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  3. by   MaleAPRN
    If the CRNA works in the Pain Management arena, I believe that they can administer Botox. I just went to a Botox meeting last night, specifically with the Pain Management staff who I work for (as an NP and future CRNA). Botox has benefits for torticollis, contractures, etc. AND is also being used for Migraine management (off-label)!

    So, to answer your question...yes, the CRNA can inject botox if he/she works in the Pain Clinic and only after being trained to inject Botox for the management of muscle disorders, etc. NOT for cosmetic purposes.

  4. by   yoga crna
    I agree with Vince. It needs to be related to anesthesia practice, such as pain management. I wan't sure if this was what you were asking, or if you want to do cosmetic botox. Why do that if you are an anesthetist?

  5. by   North Cacalacky
    I guess I should have clarified, I was asking about cosmetic botox, just though it may be a potential source of extra income. Thanks for the reply guys.
  6. by   EvelynRN-BSN
    Where I work - Cosmetic Surgery Center - the surgeon administers the botox for cosmetic purposes and the CRNA administers the anesthesia. I asked the CRNA about administering botox and he stated he has never administered it for cosmetic or pain management reasons. He does not want to start administering botox and he could only administer it for pain management, not cosmetic. Funny, I saw this forum today and I am wearing my botox shirt.