1. Took my board exam again this past week, after about one more month of studying 8-10 hours each day, including weekends. I could not believe some of the questions. I cannot even find some of the topics in my references. No amount of studying could have prepared me for that test. More than 50% of the test was not covered in Valley. I tried to look up some of the topics in M&M, Nagelhout, & Barash. I could not find this info even in these books. Where do they come up with some of the stuff they test on. The test shut off at 90. I have a knot in the pit of my stomach. I do not know which way to turn from here if I get bad news again. Wonder what the chances are of doing worse the second time around. I was told by everyone including the Valley guys that most people pass on the second attempt especially if they had my previous score of 441. Yep, missed it the first time by 9 points. Anyway, I feel sick and think I just needed to vent. My family is sick of hearing me talking about it. I cannot do anything unless this test is foremost on my mind. Thanks everyone for listening to me go on and on.

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  3. by   skipaway
    Wishing you well.
  4. by   Blanka
    I took my boards at the end of January (160 questions). I thought it was a difficult test. I felt like I was prepared, but after getting 160 q. my confidence was shaken, as you can imagine. Fortunately I passed...
    This is what I studied (besides the 'core' literature, e.g. Barash, etc.) and what I recommend:


    NA Handbook (Nagelhout)
    Good review of diseases and surgical procedures.

    Prodigy Exam
    Five simulation tests with links and explanations, computer based.

    R&R (test book only)
    Another review course. The book has tests that are good for general systems info (cardiac, renal, endocrine, etc.).

    Anesthesia Secrets by James Duke
    Covers anesthesia concepts.

    Good luck, I hope you passed!