1. Took my Boards this Wed - had 133 questions. I am just wondering if anyone else has gone to this number? Thanks!
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  3. by   Tia
    I took my boards on Wed too, I took 120 questions and I am totally freaking out. I walked out of the testing center absolutely feeling like there is no way in the world that I passed. It seemed like I got tested on everything that I didn't know. The only thing I can do now is wait, try to stay busy with things I enjoyed before I went to school, and not go insane

    Good luck with your results!!
  4. by   XIGRIS
    I know of someone who took 120 questions and passed. I know of two who took 160 and passed.
    I was like you. I left the testing center feeling that I didn't make it. In God's grace I passed.
    Good luck and keep the Faith.
  5. by   SRNAjkb
    Thanks for the encouragement - gonna stay POSITIVE - I will let you know how things go - expecting results some time around 7th - 8th for the 2wk time frame. GOOD LUCK with your results Tia
  6. by   Tia
    Thanks SRNAjkb!
  7. by   Tia
    Do you have any news yet?
    The FedEx guy is going to think I am stalking him Everytime he drives through my apartment complex my heart races. Today he stopped right in front of my building but took a package to another apartment number.

    I will keep my fingers crossed for you!!
  8. by   EricJRN
    Oh my goodness... the craze about the number of questions is spilling over from the NCLEX Forum to the CRNA Forum.
  9. by   SRNAjkb
    No news yet - thanks for the input Eric - I definitely need to stop!!!
  10. by   nica71
    I think it is normal to freak out.
    I don't think anyone EVER feels great after taking that test.
    Besides, in the "age of communication" two to four week is an eternity.

    Stop harrassing your FEDEX guy.
    You can track your package:

    Go to
    Track using reference.
    Your zip code

    I took my test on Tuesday, January 23rd. No word yet. Two weeks is around the corner. I hope to her sometime this week.

    I'll let you know if I hear anyhing.
  11. by   Tia
    Good luck with your results.
    I tried the FedEx tracking earlier today and didn't get any results. I don't really harass the FedEx guy, I just watch for the truck everyday
  12. by   macjrn
    Have you plied the Fed Ex guy with chocolate chip cookies?

    Good luck to all!
  13. by   Tia
    I bought a bag of chocolate chips yesterday at the grocery store, maybe I should whip up a batch quick!!
  14. by   nica71

    I PASSED !!!!!

    :hatparty::hatparty: :roll

    Hopefully you will get yours soon.

    Fedex guy looked a little afraid when I opened the door before he nocked

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