Beneficial Classes.

  1. I have applied to crna school for this upcoming fall, and was curious if anyone with some insight could tell me of classes that would benefit me in my first couple semester that would make my start smoother.

    It has been some time since my undergrad chem classes. Is there any particular class (i.e. general or organic) that would benefit me more. thanks for any input.
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  3. by   javajunkie
    I have yet to apply (I am finishing organic chem), but I would imagine it would be a good idea to brush up on chemistry (inorganic, organic, or biochemistry) especially since you haven't taken it in a while. Maybe brush up on your pharmacology or pathophysiology. In a previous post on this board, someone talked about a book called "Clinical Anesthesiology" by Morgan & Mikhail. I plan on checking this out.
    Also see the replies to RNINMS's post: "Suggestions on preparing for NA school?" on this board.
    Hope this helps!

    P.S. Which school did you get into? Congratulations!
  4. by   CRNA, DNSc
    Time management- as you will have alot to do. Critical thinking- as you need to be processing information in a way that makes it useful for future application. Computer skills- there are often papers and presentations (power point) Writing and public speaking- you will need to be highly skilled in communication- with patient, with instructors, with surgeons, with OR personnel, with faculty etc. Positive psychology- as you will will have BUMPS in the road!!!!!! Good Luck