1. Hello, I'm just starting out changing careers from one of Business (in a hospital) to wanting to become a CRNA. When I say beginning, I mean I am starting to go to college to become an RN. CRNA is my ultimate goal however.

    One of the questions that I have for the board is how much knowledge of the medicine that you use to anesthetise people did you get through acquiring your BSN, or did they do a good job of teaching you this stuff during Anes. school?

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  3. by   WntrMute2
    They will teach you all you need to know. That said, getting in to school will require a good showing in the sciences and a strong backround in critical care. The more you know going in the less review you'll have to do when they discuss a topic you're not familiar with. Work in a good big ICU and pay attention to the stuff you pick up. don't just learn to do stuff by rote. When soneone orders a dopamine drip ask why they picked that and not dobutamine, epinephrine, norepi etc. That was just an example of the type of questioning that will ellicit a lot of information. Besides, it shows you're interested. You will learn a lot of what you need to know as backround by paying attention to the smart docs and nurses.
  4. by   meandragonbrett
    good luck Jimz! And make sure you study study study! CRNA school is already tough to get into, and it's getting tougher.