Attention Barry Students!!!!!!!

  1. I see that some of you have been accepted to the school of anesthesia at Barry University. I plan on applying there in Spring of 2004. Can some of you help me out. What were some of the questions posed to you during your interview. Also, What kind of gpa is average for the entering class? Should I contact the director, introduce myself and ask what kinds of things I should be doing to make myself a more attractive candidate? Any advice would greatly be appreciated. Thanks!

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  3. by   ctbsurf
    i posted some examples under the <florida crna school> thread
    hope they are helpful.

  4. by   rexhuber

    Like so many threads before this one, I would suggest that you build your confidence in working with ICU patients, providers, pharmokinetics, hemodynamics, rhythms, etc. When you go for your interview know that you have the experience of being one step ahead of the providers orders. As an example, be professional but direct if a resident gives an order (such as a wrong dose for a drug) that you know is wrong for a pt in a given situation that you are familar with.

    On your paper application, you will probably not stand out from the general application pool. Your GPA should be competitive. Your GRE should be around the mean. Additional science classes including organic chem, additional anatomy should highlight your profile. When you are invited for an interview, you should plan on selling yourself like you would in a job interview. The interview committee has about 30 minutes to develop a thumb-nail sketch of who they think you are based on what you tell them. And don't be afraid to ask questions when you feel the interview allows. I hope this helps you.

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  5. by   csojet
    Thanks to you all! Wish Me luck!
  6. by   ufmatt
    Has anyone heard about any of the rumors that Barry's program has had issues? In particular, I think I saw something in the thread "Florida CRNA schools." There was no specific words about what this could be, but if anyone has any comments I would appreciate hearing them.
  7. by   csojet
    I have heard the same thing but don't know where the problem lied. Anyone else?
  8. by   smiling_ru
    I have only heard of problems with naples.
  9. by   ctbsurf

    i have only heard good things about barry, but like every school i'm sure it has it's weaknesses.

    p.s i grad. from uf nsg class of 2000 how about you?

  10. by   csojet
    I graduated from University of Miami Nursing School May 2002. I work on a CCU. Just signed up for organic chemistry with lab. Do any of you know which of the two is harder biochemistry or organic chemistry? Anyway, I will be applying to Barry in the spring of 2004. I shadowed a CRNA at my hospital who went to Barry and she says it was a good but tough program. She graduated from their first ever nurse anesthesia class.
  11. by   ufmatt
    i graduated from UF in 2000 too. Who are you?
  12. by   ctbsurf

    i sent you a pm

  13. by   FL-SRNA
    ...if you must remain in FL, look at fiu...
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  14. by   trekrRN
    at my university, Organic I was required before you could take Biochem. Biochem builds on a lot of stuff learned in Organic. I tried to take Biochem twice a few years after Organic, and had to drop both times. It had been too long since I thought about stuff learned in Organic, so I struggled in Biochem (instructor couldn't teach for beans either). I would suggest taking them back-to-back.
    I had a buddy that interview and was accepted to Barry, and he said he was impressed. He ended up going to Gannon instead so he could get doctorate.

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