anyone applying to Newman?

  1. I was talking with someone at my work, and 5 people in my unit are applying to Newman (including me). Everyone except me already has interviews, which of course is driving me crazy. I know one who has her interview in less than 2 weeks!
    I turned in my application halfway into December compared to these others whose applications were in much earlier.

    Every one of these applicants is awesome, too. One is an ACLS instructor and 3 have already taken one or more of the courses for Newman's program. (you can get approved to take a few ahead of time) None of these applicants have more than 2 years experience, and one only graduated in May.

    So far I've beat everyone's GRE and my GPA is up there, but it makes me really nervous to size up my competition-- and these are just the ones I know about.

    Soooo....does anyone else have a scoop on Newman? I hear there are about 200 applicants and 40-50 interviews for just 11 or 12 spots to fill.

    Good luck to any other applicants!
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  3. by   smiling_ru
    Have you called to make sure that your application arrived and was complete? May give you an idea of what's going on, and I am sure the director could answer some of your questions.
  4. by   megmermaid
    I called and left a message to see if my app was complete probably in the 3rd week of Dec. I called again-don't remember the date- but the university was already closed for christmas break and won't reopen until Jan 2nd or 3rd. I'll just have to call again in Jan, but I just wish I knew...
  5. by   N2B8
    I too applied to Newman, and have not recieved word one way or the other. I do know they have my materials in order. I know that interviews will take place the very last part of Jan. till the very beginning of Feb. I've already been accepted somewhere else, so the pressure is off a little; however, I am curious as to when they will post because it seems to be an excellent program from previous discussion. I hope this helps.

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