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  1. I thought some of you might want to know about another CRNA bulletin board that is pretty active on the net.

    It is Old Gaspassers. It is for CRNAs and SRNAs only (sorry wannabe SRNAs, but this is a pretty good board for you guys, so I know you are not out in the cold).

    I think they are a pretty good group. All types of CRNAs participate- rural, urban, team, independent, generalist, specialist. As a whole, the members of OGP are involved in our profession and its growth. They are very interested in student involvement, as students are the future of our profession.

    The website is They will ask you for information in order to verify that you are a CRNA or a SRNA.

    (My apologies if this is old news. I haven't seen it discussed here, so I thought I would share)

    loisane crna
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  3. by   nilepoc
    I tried to get on that one, they told me my aana number was invalid. I have not tried to go back yet. I kind of want to cultivate this board to be the public forum for CRNA and SRNA interaction. Oldgaspassers is to secluded.

    BTW Brian the admin does not like the mentioning of other boards, he is not against them, but it does steal traffic.

    This forum has grown a great deal, I would hate to see it loose its steam.

    Currently it is the second busiest professional forum on this site. thank you all.

    And thank you loisane for the reference, I know I may not have sounded appreciative above, but I hope you understand.

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  4. by   u-r-sleeepy
    I was about to mention this very group also, as I think some of you would like to be a part of it. I appreciate the opportunity to hear from people who are way ahead of me, plus I gain a bit of insight just seeing their perspective on things with which I'm still struggling.
  5. by   loisane
    Sorry, I thought I had lurked long enough to figure out the rules. I now realize I should have asked first.

    loisane crna
  6. by   nilepoc
    No worries, I think it is valuable to know, its just awkward to dissemninate.

    Mostly the idea is to minimize the amount of free adverising that cna be gained by mentioning other sites on this board. Oldgasspassers is probably ok to mention, but as the door is opened, other sites might creep in. I don't want to limit anyones ideas, or access to information. I would encourage all to visit the mentioned site, if you meet the entrance requirements.

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