Anesthesia process

  1. Can anyone tell me if there is a difference between induction and intubation? Are they one in the same? What about emerging and extubation?
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  3. by   mistersleepy
    Induction is the point from starting to administer anesthesia until reaching the desired level of anesthesia.

    Intubation is the actual placing of an ET tube in someone (to bag or place on a vent)

  4. by   CRNA, DNSc
    TO follow up-Emergence refers to the intial period of the patient's coming out of anesthesia. Extubation refers to the removal of the endotracheal tube (or breathing tube) from the patient.
  5. by   yyarn
    Thank you. I have a couple more questions...
    how much autonomy does a CRNA have? Meaning at what point does the Anesthesiologist have to be present?
  6. by   smiling_ru
    Well, that would depend on where you work. If you were an independent practitioner they would never be present.

    If you work with a group, but billing is unsupervised, they might only be in when you call for an extra set of hands.

    If they are billing supervised they will be in during induction, if they follow tefra they will be in during induction, emergence and maybe once or twice during the case.

    The fact that they are present does not neccesarily mean that you are not autonomous. Most just come in, sign the chart, chat for a minute and leave, they do not dictate your anesthetic regime. (for the most part, although there are some that will).

    I am sure that there are a few other practice environments that I have missed, but those are the most common.