America's first formally educated Nurse Anesthetist

  1. sr. bernard sheridan

    celebrating america's first formally educated nurse anesthetist, trained and educated by saint vincent's hospital, erie, pennsylvania

    view pictures of the dedication ceremony
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  3. by   deepz
    Wonder where the PANA came up with the formally educated part.

    Ira Gunn, writing in the history chapter of Nag & Zag, refers back to Thatcher:

    "Sister Mary Bernard founded the Sisters of St. Joseph of Wichita, Kansas, and in 1877 entered St. Vincent's Hospital in Erie, Pennsylvania, to train as a nurse. A year later she took over the anesthesia duties of the hospital..........." (First Edition, p.4)

    A year later??!! In one year she became a nurse AND an anesthetist! How do we define 'formal education' I wonder?