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  1. Just got a letter today stating that I was a second alternate at ECU for their CRNA program starting in January. Anyone on here get in as a alternate or know of someone who did. Encouraged but disappointed as well. Thanks
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  3. by   maize&blue

    Here's some encouragement for you...three of my coworkers were alternates in three different programs, and each ended up getting accepted. They will begin this fall. One of them was just accepted last month.

    Good luck!
  4. by   ZAHMAN
    I am on an alternate list at TWU. The anticipation, anxiety, not knowing, really SUCKS! The hardest thing is the school won't tell me where I am on the alternate list. The only response I get is "You could get called two days before the program starts." I know they have no control on who actually shows for class, but what type of crap is that! Just throw me a bone or something. Enough of the venting. Well congrats to those who got accepted and good luck for us fortunate ones who are still waiting.

  5. by   azgirl
    For regular RN program my husband was an alternate and got in the first semester and during semester four found three other people who were alternates.

    Good luck and hope you get in as well.
  6. by   UCDSICURN
    "You could get called two days before the program starts."
    Do they really think that we as already working professionals can drop our current lives at the drop of a hat like this? I'm sure in theory this could happen but would cause so much chaos for the student that got that call that it would set them up for academic disaster early on in the process. I guess an exception would be someone who already lives in that area and my frame of reference is from someone that anticipates moving across the country for school.

    Donn C.
  7. by   ZAHMAN

    They got us by the privates. I need to refinance my house and pull out some equity to fund my living expenses. Fortunatly my wife will still be able to afford the mortgage while I'm in school. (If I ever get accepted) The situation is painfull because I don't want to apply for a second on my house untill I know for certain that I'm accepted, but intrest rates are going into the toilet. I spoke with the school inregards to this, their reply was "SORRY, I CAN'T TELL YOU WHERE YOU ARE ON THE LIST. JUST HANG IN THERE!." What a pain in the kiester. Well I'll just go and soak my privates and just hang in there.

  8. by   rn4cicu
    Thanks for the response peps. I kinda feel like I would just like to know one way or the other and then again a feel lucky to be an alternate because I have just found out that a friend that I thought was a shoe in got a rejection letter. Got tired of waiting to here and know whether I was going to have to make some financial adjustments and now I find out I have to wait longer...oh well that is life for you and if I want this bad enough I will do what it takes to get it.
  9. by   u-r-sleeepy
    I remember two of my classmates who were on the alternatives list and both got in without having to wait a year. Good luck!


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