2 years Part-time for BA/full time in ICU enough for CRNA program requirments?

  1. if i get my aa, start working in the icu full time and go to school part-time for my bsn. it would take 2 years to get my bsn and i would have 2 years experience in the icu. could i apply to the crna program right after getting my bsn since i would already have 2 years experience in the icu? would those 2 years be enough for the 1 year critical care requirement?

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  3. by   newmale2nursing
    I am certainly no expert in this, but I have also been looking into CRNA. I start an ADN program in January and already have a BS. I think you need a BS, not a BA. Depending on the programs, some require a BSN and some do not. I would check into the programs you are planning on applying to and see what the requirements are.

    Just my .02.
  4. by   mturner88
    I want to also be a CRNA eventually but I was talking to my A&P teacher last year about it and he stated that its best to have at least 5 years experience before entering an Anesthesiology school. You normally need at least 5 - 7 years critcal care experience to even land a CRNA job. The more experience the better, it will help you get through the schooling.

    Hope this helps.
  5. by   CRNAGAL
    Quote from mturner88
    You normally need at least 5 - 7 years critcal care experience to even land a CRNA job.
    This is not true.
  6. by   mturner88
    Quote from CRNAGAL
    This is not true.
    How much experience do you have to have to be a good CRNA. Most of the blogs that I have read from CRNA's is that sometimes:

    "What I might confess, however, is that 5 years of acute care experience may not be enough to facilitate a smooth and safe transition from RN to CRNA."


    I know that you can probably have only 3yrs of experience but would you be successful? I guess that is the choice of the individual. Personally, I plan on pursuing my BSN and then MSN before I apply to an Anesthesiology school.
  7. by   FutureNurseSaga
    I would have two years of experience in ICU once I get my BSN, but would that fulfill the requirements of 1 year, considering that I would not have my BSN while working those 2 years?

    In oder words those it matter if one doesn't have her BSN while working in ICU for that time to fulfill the experience requirements.
  8. by   mturner88
    To my understanding is that your experience will still count even though you do not have your BSN yet. You just have to have your BSN to apply for the school. So your 2 years is still 2 years of experience.