1 down, 6 to go

  1. First semester in the bag!
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  3. by   nilepoc
    Congrats, I am so anxious to start.

    BTW I will contact your friend soon.

  4. by   kelycrna
    Dave, your on your way! I'm not sure how your curriculum is set up, but mine was didactics first then clinicals. The didactics were a killer, and the clinicals even worse....just remember to live, eat and breath anesthesia, and always stay positive even if you don't feel like it....I wish you the best.

    BTW, I recently subscribed and read your post "why so quiet." There are a few other discussions boards that many CRNA's read. The boards are into current clinical issues, and at least for me I tend concentrate in that area, unfortunately I have negleted the new CRNA's. I hope that I can give you and other SRNA's feedback from time to time. I hope to be a positive resource for you, because I know that I needed it at that point also.

    Kelly CRNA....