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    The Pre-CRNA subforum was created as a means for inquiry into the CRNA profession. Many members noted that threads such as, "I want to be a CRNA", "About to take the GRE", or "How can I prepare for my interview at ____ school?" were frequently being posted. Allnurses administration and staff believe that this new forum will be a great resource for those who are working to become CRNA's. There may be topics that overlap into the regular forum - just use your judgment on where to post your thread. We have one small request: PLEASE contribute to the Pre-CRNA if you have insight into the thread. The subforum won't be successful if the threads get no feedback.

    Best wishes for your nursing career,

    ether (Kelly) ICU RN, BSN
    nilepoc (Craig) CRNA, MS
    traumanurse (Paul) SRNA, BSN
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