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  1. I am currently a student working towards my bachelors degree in nursing and was considering the proffesion of a Nurse Anesthetist. I've been doing research and found something that discouraged me a little bit. According to the AANA you have to complete 40 hours of continuing education of the course of two years in order to be recertified. Are these like 40 credit hours in college that taking a full course load would take a student over ayear to complete?!! So would that mean even after becoming a CRNA I would have to work full time and go to school part time for the rest of my career! Or does this 40 hours mean just 40 hours of time in the classroom? b/c that's a big difference I would be very interested in knowing exactly what this continuing education really means. Thanks
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    Continuing education is required for both RN's and CRNA's. You earn CEU's when you attend conferences or complete independent study modules. Generally 1 CEU = 1 hour of your time.
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    Don't forget that many CRNA positions offer education leave, most of the good job offers I have seen give two weeks a year. More than enough time toget those hours in.

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    The most fun I've had as a nurse has been at conferences! 3am in San Fran, dancing all nite in Orlando, fine dinners in Anaheim!!!! Love those CEUs!

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