Water Birthing

  1. Hi, I'm curious about the different forms of birthing techniques and have found water birthing to be of much interest to me. I found this interesting article about it and was curious how many of you CNM's do this form and what your thoughts are about this process. And if any of you have heard of hypnobirthing and know anything about this, I'm also interested in hearing what you have to say in regards to this technique.

    "A technique in which a mother gives birth to her baby while seated in a pool of warm water. The pool contains water at 35–37C to a depth of 38–40 cm, allowing the level to reach the armpits when seated, and the mother-to-be usually enters the water when her cervix is 5–7 cm dilated. The technique was pioneered in the 1960s by Dr Igor Tjarkousky, then developed by Dr Michel Odent at Pithivier Hospital in France. "

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