Student Nurse Midwife looking for someone to shadow

  1. I am a student nurse midwife in New York looking for an opportunity to shadow and possibly assist a CNM in the tri-state area. I am an RN with my ACLS and NRP certifications. I am hoping to make professional connections in the area since I recently moved here from the west coast. I also want to gain some valuable experience before I begin my clinical rotations in January. Please let me know if you, or someone you know would be interested in mentoring me. Thank you!
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  3. by   TLAandy
    I am also SNM, I recommend you go to your local chapter meeting of ACNM, I went to mine shortly after starting school and midwives just came up to me and started offering to help in anyway possible.
    Good luck!!
  4. by   ibambamama
    Hi Krshmt,

    I don't know if you are in the city or upstate, but there should be a lot of good options for you either way. ACNM meetings are a good start - there are tons of midwives practicing in NYC in various capacities (lots work in hospitals, but I also know that there are about 15-20 doing homebirth as well - largely in Brooklyn)
    As far as upstate, I shadowed at Cooperstown for a little bit when I was in nursing school transitioning to midwifery. They have a really remarkable practice up there. Basically, in the local hospital (Bassett Healthcare), the L&D floor is really more of a birth center than hospital service - completely midwife-run (docs only come in essentially for sections or anesthesia if required) - they have birthing tubs, they deliver twins, and, at least when I was there, I think they were doing breech deliveries as well.
    I think they end up precepting a lot of midwifery students from around upstate and so would be open to having you there for awhile. When I was there (about 4 years ago), the education coordinator was a lovely midwife named Martha Harvey.

    Hope that helps.

    PS - Are you a Frontier student?
  5. by   Krshmt
    Thanks for your replies! I'm making progress and will hopefully start assisting next month!!!
  6. by   arabianeyez83
    I am a student as well..I just contacted the midwives that work in L&D in my hospital (I work in the ER)..and started networking from there.