RN before becoming midwife?

  1. Hello everyone! I want to become a CNM. I was planning to go into a Master's Entry program since I have a BS in biology already and work in a pathology lab. This way I would get the RN and go immediately on for the CNM, but I recently met someone who told me that he would strongly discourage me from that route. He expalined that it would be much better for me to go back to school to become an RN, work for a year or so, and then return to school for CNM because I would have a difficult time finding a job without some clinical work experience outside of the academic program. If anyone has any thoughts, please share them! Should I get the RN and work for a while, or try to go right into an accelerated RN/CNM program? Help!

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  3. by   ragingmomster
    After talking to many L&D nurses and several midwives in person, I decided the right route for me was the BSN, then 1-2 years experience, then the CNM. Looking down the road 3 years, all I have left to do is find the right school. Hope you can find personal mentors along the way. Best Wishes!
  4. by   palesarah
    I only began working on a maternity floor 6 weeks ago, but I have already observed the differences between our CNMs who worked as RNs first and the CNM who did not... and I would also strongly encourage you to get some work experience as an RN first
  5. by   MidwifeHopeful
    Thank you for your advice- after much thought I think that I will pursue the BSN first. Your kind words were very elpful!

  6. by   LuvsOB
    I've worked in an LDRP for 2 years and I still have alot to learn. I want to be a midwife too and I can't imagine going into it without L&D experience. Also newborn assessment and NRP.
  7. by   mady
    Nursing and Midwifery is two different disciplines, there is now direct entry to BMifery without a nursing degree.