1. Hi to everyone!!
    I just registered to this site and the reason for that is that I am a freshman in college but am already thinking of changing my major to nursing so I could become a certified nurse-midwife (which is the one that could practice in all 50 states, right?). I was just wondering what I have to do in order to become a midwife, and also if anyone knows how much the starting pay is. Also, does anyone know of a good mid-wife school in Florida, preferably close to Miami.
    Thank you!
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  3. by   CNM2B
    I'm not a midwife yet, so I can't speak to the salary range (and it's very dependent on where you live). I would start by checking out the website for the 'American College of Nurse Midwives' ( as they have a TON of useful information and a listing of accredited programs. You are correct, the CNM is licensed and legal in all 50 states and requires a nursing degree. Since you are just starting in nursing, you will also need to have a master's degree (required for entry into practice as a CNM by 2010).
    If you switch your undergrad degree to nursing now, and already know that you want to be a CNM, you can often spend extra clinical hours in L&D and women's health (to get extra experience). I worked as a PCA in the hospital during nursing school, which was great experience. They are usually very good about working around a nursing student's schedule.
    If there are no CNM programs where you live, you can attend one of several distance programs (Frontier is a good school to which many members of this board are applying are also other schools, all of which are listed on the ACNM website).
    Good luck and post if you have more questions. Oh, and I would check out the website for Midwifery Today (a magazine that I have been reading and learning a lot from). They also have message boards for future midwives...their site is