Philadelphia University Distance Program

  1. Does anyone have experience w/ the Midwifery Institute at Phila. Univ? It sounds like a good program, but I have never heard mention of it on these or other forums. Also, any thoughts about this program compared w/ the Frontier School? Thanks.
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  3. by   NRSKarenRN
    i was unaware of this program till read your note :imbar

    phila univ has a strong science reputation been around for long time "in the shadows" but this is first nursing winning program helping to market school name

    suspect is is outgrowth of cnm formerly associated with planned parenthood cnm program and public health cnm advocates. interesting to see several of faculty are graduates from frontiers program and have cnm mentors from across us using online format. t

    here used to be a booth maternity center on city line ave in phila closed due to funding in early 90's. two independent centers now in area are birth center in bryn mawr and schuylkill valley center. st

    school just north of center city. worth looking into as has great curiculum and web material.