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  1. I will be graduating next year with my BSN and would really like to be a CNM. I have three small children so it will take me awhile to finish it and I am hoping to work L&D in the process. By the time I graduate I will also be a Board Certified Lacation Consultant as well. There are two problems I see. 1) I live in Texas which has absolutely no Midwifery programs at all so I would need to find an online or distance learning program 2) I'm honestly not sure there is a large market for midwifes in our area. How would I go about researching that? Are there key factors that make a market for midwifes?

    Thanks so much for your valuable insight.
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  3. by   CNM2B
    Hello! To check to see about CNM's in your area, I would look on the website for the American College of Nurse Midwives ( They have search engine where you can look for CNM's in your specific area. I'd ask around--maybe some of your instructors at school know of them--especially your OB instructor. As for education, one of the best CNM programs in the country (currently ranked 12th by US News and World Report's Best Graduate Schools) is the Frontier School of Midwifery and Family Nursing. It is located in KY and is online and then you do your clinical hours in your own community. You do have to make 2 trips to KY during your education (one at the beginning and then again in the middle). They have an outstanding program and I am considering it myself (I've applied to 3 schools and am awaiting decisions). Frontier's website is There are quite a few threads on this board about Frontier. Good luck!!
  4. by   19LISA65
    Check out University of Cincinnati too. I chose them over Frontier because they would allow me to do clinicals in the hospital I work as well as allow the OB doctor to oversee some of my deliveries. They do not require any campus time at all. The cost is relatively the same. The instructors are great! I am in my 1st quarter. It is 8 quarters long and straight through. Good Luck.

  5. by   CNM2B
    Thanks for the post! I actually am applying to UC as well and hadn't met anyone yet who is a student there. I'm glad you like the program! Any other insight you can offer about UC? How is their admissions process? I'm waiting a couple of more pieces to my application--is it tough to get in? Does it take a long time to find out?

    Thanks for your advice!
  6. by   19LISA65
    It is not hard at all. The hardest time I had was getting my references. Doctors can sometimes be lazy in helping with recommendations! LOL Otherwise,it was relatively stress free. The admissions coordinator is Vicki O'Brien. I am sure she would love to talk with you!

    Tell her I sent you!

  7. by   Selke
    Do you live in the Dallas area? Parkland has a CNM program. Look at the ACNM website under educational programs; it has a listing of CNM programs in the U.S. Frontier is an option, too. There must be midwives in your area someplace. Try looking at the ACNM website under find a midwife; look in the Yellow Pages; do a google search for Texas midwives; contact the Texas state ACNM chapter (if they have one); or contact Parkland's program and ask them if they know of any in your area.

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