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  1. Hi,
    I had 2 midwives for my son's delivery. I was considered a high risk pregancy from the start as I had lost 3 babies before him. My doctor's practice was in collaboration with midwives. Before that I didn't even know that midwives still existed. Well they were the best. During my labor (28 hours... I was induced) I had back massages from my midwife and it felt so good. I was never left alone, not even when my husband was there. It was such a nice experience that I brought them cookies and cake when I got out of the hospital. As for the doctor all he did was scream at me and give rude instructions as to when to push and when not to. At one point I kicked him out of the room (lol). Well I would not trade them for a doctor. Unless it's really bad...
    To get to the subject, I'm starting my LPN classes and have already decided that after that I will get my BSN ( I have alot of credits.. so it won't take that long). After the experience that I had with midwives I think it's my calling... Now should I start and go to a BSN/ midwife program (if it even exist) or How do I go about it? What's the difference between a "nurse midwife" and a "midwife" and a "doula"? And the last thing is no where is the salary reported on any site... After you finish can you start your own practice?
    Thanks for all the help I can get....

    Midwives are the best....
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  3. by   ambermarie83
    Hi, I am also very interested in becomeing a CNM. I would suggest you read the book Baby Catcher by Peggy Vincent. Its about her experiance as a CNM it is an incredible book I couldn't put it down!! In the Back of her book it gives a book for the aspiring midwife. The book is called Paths to becoming a Midwife. I've already orderd my copy.
    Good Luck
  4. by   Jolie
    Best of luck to you as you begin your program. It sounds like you would make a wonderful nurse-midwife.

    All Certified Nurse Midwife programs are at the Master's degree level. Upon receiving your nursing degree, try to find a L&D position, as that will prepare you best for entering into a nurse-midwife program.

    "Midwives" are lay persons who apprentice with other lay midwives to prepare themselves for their role in caring for pregnant patients. The practice of lay midwifery is illegal in many states, and, dangerous in my humble opinion. These practitioners have little or no fromal training, no hospital privileges and no physician back-up. If they encounter complications with their patients, their only recourse is to call 911.

    Doulas are persons (lay or medical professionals) who offer advice, support and hands-on care to laboring mothers and families in the post-partum period. They are ofter helpful as additional support persons during labor, and help the family to transition to home by assisting with such things as personal care, infant care and breast-feeding.

    There is a doula named Jamie who frequents this site and may be able to answer more of your questions.
  5. by   ambermarie83
    To Jamie:
    I am very interested in Certifing with DONA I was wondering if you had any advice or suggestions. Thank you so much
  6. by   nursing 101
    Hi Ambermarie,
    I just baught the book and already I love it. thanks for the suggestion. I'm seriously looking into this as I've already contacted a college next to me that has the nurse midwife program approved by the state of Florida. I'm going to an information meeting in the near future and I already have all my questions down. The only bad thing is that I won't get any credits from my LPN classes towards this program. That's my only problem. The LPN classes knock off one year of RN leaving me with two years to complete. As if I go the Nurse-midwife (direct entry) way I have to go for the full three years. Well I'll let you know and keep me posted on any new books. Have any suggestions?

    Nursing 101
  7. by   d'andrea
    i am also going the lvn way. here in california it knocks off a year of rn courses so thats good for me . the salary for nurse midwife starts at 55,000 a year and so places offer more. my nurse midwife was making 90,000 a year after 5 years practicing. my goal is to open my own practice but i haven't figured out how to go about it yet. we should all become midwife school buddies to keep each other spirits and hopes up. my e-mail address is or dandrea_p @
  8. by   joyrochelle
    Originally posted by Jolie
    All Certified Nurse Midwife programs are at the Master's degree level. [/B]

    actually there are still certificate programs out there where RN's are approved, upon completion of the accredited program, to sit for certification exams.....