I need help deciding between midwife or FNP!! - page 2

I graduated with my BSN May of 2008, I have since worked in an ICU/Neuro ICU. Its great and all but it is not my niche. I have done alot of soul searching and have realized that OR, PACU, L&D, and... Read More

  1. by   danceluver
    Hi MaineMan88

    I have some questions for you....i'll PM you with my questions---thanks in advance!
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  2. by   MaineMan88
    Hey, I tried answering your PM but the messaging system kept messing up. I think it ate my first message and I wrote it all out again but the same thing happened. Let me know if you actually received it!
  3. by   mandajeanice
    If you can't decide & want to do both, Vanderbilt has a dual degree CNM/FNP program.
  4. by   danceluver
    Just responded to your message with follow up questions MaineMan88---let me know if it works! Thanks for the help!