How much does undergrad matter?

  1. Hey all,

    So I am planning on starting a second degree BSN program sometime in 2011, with the ultimate goal of obtaining an MSN and becoming a midwife. I am currently trying to decide which schools to apply to. I will be living in the northern Virginia area (relocating not an option).

    My top choice is George Mason, a state school (in-state tuition yay!) with a reasonably good reputation. However, its second-degree program is notoriously competitive due to the sheer number of applicants.

    The other two schools that are top in my mind are Shenandoah University and Georgetown. Georgetown's great reputation speaks for itself, but its expensive. Shenandoah would be mountains cheaper than Georgetown, and is located very very close to me (driving into DC for Georgetown might be a nightmare). Also, I've pretty much been guaranteed admission already. However, I've heard somewhat negative things about Shenandoah on this board.. so I'm hesitant.

    So basically I'm wondering if I should even bother applying to Georgetown. How much does the school you attended for your BSN matter for applying to MSN programs? How about for applying to CNM jobs?

    Also if anyone has anything to share about these programs, or about CNM programs in the area (Shenandoah and Georgetown both have one!) I'd love to hear that too.

    Thanks for the help!
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  3. by   vegas2009
    Why don't you try looking into VCU, VA Tech and even College of William and Mary (pretty pricey) but worth the $$. They all have good academic reputations. Just options to look at, that's all.

    VCU even has a hospital where they train their doctors and other fields. I don't know if they still have a program like that now.

    I was a Virginian several years back. I should've stayed there, the state spends a lot more money on education. Schools generally have more colleges/concentrations to offer. Lucky you. The schools you're looking at have really good reputations
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  4. by   FlowerFlour
    Thanks for the help. Unfortunately I'll be living in northern VA where my boyfriend, who I live with, will be doing a grad program. So the area I'm looking in is pretty limited. Even VCU is too far away, almost 3 hours. I'm difficult, I know! I'm pretty sure George Mason is the only public school within my range. I am also considering Marymount but its private.

    Do you know anything about Shenandoah? Does it have a poor academic reputation? I'm from out of state, and had never even heard of it until I started looking for BSN programs.
  5. by   vegas2009
    I've only heard good things about Shenandoah years back. But not particularly about their nursing program. Sorry, can't comment much. Whatever school you pick, you'd be set, I'm sure.

    By the way, if I were you, I'd apply for ALL three --- let 'fate' decide for me! So, you'd pay more on application fees... what if you get in to at least two? Then, just toss a coin, eh? Goodluck.
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  6. by   FlowerFlour
    Thanks! That's reassuring.