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Hello! I'm a senior nursing student in a BSN program and graduating :mortarboard: this coming May (Woo HOO!). I am planning on entering the CNM program at The Ohio State University in the coming... Read More

  1. by   midwife2b
    So that's it in a nutshell. It's also the reason I feel qualified to say that, while it's terrific for RNs to have clinical experience prior to entering a nurse-midwifery program, it's not really necessary in order to develop competency since it's within the ability of non-RNs to do so.

    I agree with this post. What is learned in midwifery school is not what is learned in an undergrad BS program.
    My new partner had absoluely NO L&D experience prior to her acceptance at an IVY LEAGUE CNM program. It doesn't seem to have hindered her ability to find a job or be clinically competent.

    I had 24 years of L&D/PP/NBN experience before I even thought about applying. We have a lot of dialog about our patients; while I believe I have an advantage because of my years of L&D I do have to remember a lot of that was high risk and preterm experience. SHe has current experience in normal, low risk births. It all evens out in the end.

    Experience is nice but not necessary.
  2. by   midwife97
    Don't worry about it. Do doctors have experience before they go to medical school?????? Not! This is just an area where I think there is a misconception and possibly some sex stereotyping. While every bit of experience will help, you can do fine without it AND maybe even do better without it. Go for it!