Differences b/t WHNP and CNM?

  1. I'm having trouble pinning down the details. Sorry if this is a remedial question, but what are the differences between the two? Do WHNP do deliveries? Can't CNM's do everything a WHNP could do and more? Are the education requirements(time wise) similar?

    Okay- I just spent a couple hours hounding this down and think I have answered my own questions. chalk it up to being a newbie.

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  3. by   midwife97
    Just in case you didn't find the answers....a CNM does Women's Health, but a WHNP does not do births/deliveries. Both are trained in obstetrics and gynecology, but a WHNP's education is probably stronger in gynecology and a CNM's training is probably stronger in obstetrics. Being a CNM is good because if you ever decide you want to just do women's health and skip the births (and malpractice) you can.
  4. by   ILoveIceCream
    Is there anything a WHNP can do that a CNM cannot?
  5. by   Category X
    I'm wondering the same thing. I see how there are advantages to being a CNM in certain situations, but are there any advantages to being a WHNP in other situations? Are there job markets in which an employer would rather hire a WHNP than a CNM?

    Also, about salaries: If a WHNP and a CNM are doing the same job (gyn care at Planned Parenthood, prenatal care at an OB's office, etc.), are they paid at the same rate? I would assume so, but I'd like to hear from someone who works in the field.
  6. by   KYCNM
    It depends upon where you work. CNMs earn $80K and >, however malpractice is a greater concern because of the intrapartum responsibility.

    If the job is the same (i.e., birth control for PP) I suspect the salary would be the same.

    A CNM can do the WHNP tasks, the opposite is not true.

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