1. how much dept did you leave school with and what did your first jobs pay ?
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  3. by   lovingpecola
    Good luck with this question! There are so few CNMs on the boards, I don't think you'll get a lot of responses...maybe calculate your debt load for each school you want to (or already) attend...then maybe look up the average salaries online...

    Debt will of course vary dramatically based on school choice and financial aid package, but my debt will be significant...close to $90,000 total. I expect to make somewhere between $65k - $80k depending on location and type of facility (aka: community based clinic vs large hospital, etc.)

    I know you're asking for responses from those who have already finished school and started working, but I remember asking this same question (or one similar) and there just weren't many responses!

    Good Luck,
  4. by   midwife2b
    My school charged about $125 per credit hour for tuition; as it was online the fees were eliminated. So I had no debt until the last semester when I couldn't work due to integration; minimal amount at that.
    I worked full time the first year and part time the second and I survived.
  5. by   traumaRUs
    I am a CNS, not CNM. However, I can attest to debt. My debt is about $41,000 and I paid about $11,000 out myself. However, I make close to 100K and in my area that is very good.