CNMs in Texas?????

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    I am looking to chat with a CNM who works in Texas. I have some questions about the role CNMs fulfill and the legal aspects of the profession in the state of TX. I am thinking about starting a CNM program in Pennsylvania but could be moving to Texas at some point in the future (after I complete school of course). In Pennsylvania CNMs handle majority prenatal care, labor, delivery, and postpartum care of uncomplicated vaginal deliveries in the hospital setting. They work mostly work in private OB/GYN practices and sometimes even out number the physicians in the practices. They also see patients for routine annual GYN exams. Is this similar to how it is in Texas?

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    great questions! I think it depends on where in TX you are looking at. i lived in Austin (RN in med/surg ) and there are 2 major hospital chains- St. David's and Seton. Seton used to hire midwives but stopped using them about 10 years ago then North Austin Med Center (part of St David's) just started allowing one doc's practice with 2 midwives to have privilages there. There is one birthing center and one smaller birthing center and homebirthing midwives. i know that Houston uses midwives more but i'm not sure about Dallas. hope that helps!!
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    Thanks for the info. I am specifically looking for info about CNMs in the San Antonio area.