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Hi Everyone, I'm applying to CNM school and I was hoping to connect with Yale alumni who are CNM to see how you found the program. I have heard mixed things about the MSN at Yale but I haven't heard... Read More

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    The problem is really political (at least from what I have read); the CM credential is seen by some as a break of faith between the ACNM and NARM, a way to circumvent or subvert the CPM credential. I personally think there's room for all types of midwives, and would like to see a university-level direct entry program that creates midwives who are qualified to work both in and out of hospitals, organized much like some overseas midwifery educational systems. (Sort of like the GEPN program, but more specialized and available at universities all over the country.) That seems like a pipe dream for the time being, however.
    So true trauerweidchen. It is definitely a politically sensitive issue. Here is an interview with a midwife who describes the history of the CM credential. So Long, “Nurse” Midwives? Hilary Schlinger CNM, CPM puts ACNM’s proposed name change in 20 years of context « erin ellis midwife

    I completely agree that we would be better off having a university-level direct entry program, like Canada and the UK. You're probably right, though, I dont think that will be happening anytime soon. In the mean time, I wish all three credentials could be equally recognized.

    I spoke to several midwives at the beginning of this journey and they all nodded in agreement - yes, our system is a mess and there's no simple answer for those of us drawn to direct-entry midwifery.