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hi everyone i am a new nurse and i am currently working in LTC / sub acute / respitatory unit wannabe faiclity. yeah well its one of those places and im in one of those states where new grads have a hard time finding job even if i have a BSN, could anyone give me some ideas where i can get more certifications...im interested in working in med surg next year when the hospitals open up, what certifications can i do? i know about IV certification but not really intesrested in that, i am only IV qualified, thats all and i only have a BLS for healthcare while i was working as a CNA...please help

diane227, LPN, RN

Specializes in Management, Emergency, Psych, Med Surg.

Take a basic EKG course and then ACLS. I am assuming that you already have BLS. You can also get a speciality certification in Medical Surgical nursing. The American Nurses Association has a list of all certifications that are available for nurses to obtain that are applicable to their area of speciality.

do most people get them online? thinking of doing the ACLS and PED one online... any suggestions?

No online a certification of meaning means that you have a clinical expertise. Become an expert nurse in the rehab, get to know every regulation, help the facility to pass their state survey.


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