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certification test

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I took the ortho test and didn't pass it. I was close but now I am trying to figure out how to study. I know there were a lot of questions on osteoarthritis and what to tell the patient. some of them I just didn't know or there were two really good answers. Can anyone tell me what they did to pass it? I have secrets but the stuff I saw were not in this book. I do have a textbook but its not the textbook. Wondering if there is anything else out there? Study group or something. There are no teachings at my hospital to help pass this test. I do have some test anxiety so it didn't help when I didn't pass it. Very disappointed that I didn't pass it but would really like some help on what to do.


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I am getting ready to take it. A colleague that took it and passed, said that what helped her the most was the review CD ($70 as opposed to 250 for the book). She just kept reviewing it until she felt comfortable. I like that approach, too.

Hope this helps. I am nervous to take it. It is very expensive!

Thank you!! I bought the cd yesterday and I have the one before it and am using that one. It does seem better than the secrets book. The book is good for some of the questions but I just want to pass!!