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I am an RN in New York State. I have worked in the hospital as an orthopedic floor nurse, med/surg and for many years in the OR. Then I ran a wellness clinic in a Fortune 500 company and from there went on to be a school nurse. I have been out of nursing for 8 years running of all things an advertising agency with my husband, but am burned out and want to return to nursing. I don't think I could do hospital nursing anymore and would be interested in what others have returned to?Massage therapy interests me. Does anyone know how to go about getting certified in New York State? How long it takes? Where do you go? Thanks for any information! Feel free to email me personally

New York state requires a state license and registration. Schooling must be 1,000 with a written exam. The phone number I have for information is 518-474-3866. They will be able to answer your questions about schools there and more info.

And I just saw the post for a school in Ithica, New York, from Steph in Boston. You might talk to her!

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