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Certificate worth it?


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Hi! I'm currently work as an RN & have already earned my BSN. I've got the itch to go back to school, but have accepted that I have no idea what degree I want to earn a MSN in. So I've been considering getting a Certificate in Bioethics. Most of the cost will be covered by my employer. So my question is- do you think this is something that employers would want to see in the future when I look for advancement in Nursing? Would you bother? I enjoy education, so the time committment doesn't bother me.

Thanks for any advice!!

This is just my opinion, but I wouldn't think additional education in bioethics would be appealing to an employer unless you were applying for a position that specifically involved bioethics (like, serving on a hospital bioethics committee). I think you would get a lot more "bang for your buck" (and your time) doing additional education that is related to a clinical specialty (your current specialty or one you would like to move into).

If you want to do it for your own satisfaction and growth, that's a different matter. But I wouldn't expect it to provide much benefit employment-wise.

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I agree with elkpark. Employers put the most value on education that relates to the specific job you are in and/or applying for. So, unless you are working in a job that requires bioethics expertise, it won't help much.

For example, if you were a member of your employer's Research Committee, Institutional Review Board, or some other team that provided consultation or support on bioethical issues ... then such a certificate would be very relevant and could enhance your ability to contribute to that work.