Cerritos college 2017 fall cycle


Good luck to everyone expecting an acceptance letter.


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Do you know when we supposed to hear from them?


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Here's to hoping for the best for us all!


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The lady at the desk said to wait until the first week of may.


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Hey guys, im waiting to hear also. Did you apply for the generic program or the lvn to rn bridge? I applied before march 15th for the bridge program and was curious if anyone knew if the letters go out at the same time or if it might be different for the bridge students? thank you! good luck to you all :)



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Hello Guys, I applied for the bridge program before March 15th. Anybody here applied for the bridge program as well?? Also, does anybody know if the letters go out the same time as people who applied for generic program?? Thanks


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I also applied to Cerritos College. Good luck to us all.


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Hi guys ! I also applied to Cerritos college ! Couple more weeks to go !!


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anyone got the letters?


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were we suppose to be done with tea test before even applying?


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No. We will get the acceptance letter first then they will give us the schedule for TEAS test. If you have it already, all you have to do is wait for the acceptance letter and submit your TEAS Test result to Cerritos College.