CEP vs Post Bacc / sahm seeking career change


Hi everyone!

I got my B.A. in Journalism from Arizona State in 2011. After 5 years in the field, its not for me.

I want to get into nursing. I've looked at pre reqs and it looks like I will have to take quite a few. Journalism required more liberal arts, less science. I only took plant bio!

Would it be better to do a CEP or post bacc? Whats the difference in time to complete? Which is cheaper? Cost is a factor for me as I am a SAHM to 2 kids, a preschooler and infant.

Which schools offer a post bacc? ASUs was very expensive at 35k-ish.

Also, parents, any advice on when to get into the nursing pool? I dont have any family to help watch the kids. As far as the time commitment to a program, would it make more sense to wait until my oldest is in grade school?

I can get a few pre reqs out of the way in the meantime.


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I don't know all the answers but I'll lay on you what I took into consideration when deciding. 1. ASU post bac is the shortest- 12 months but yes it's about 35,000. 2- similar program at u of a gives you a masters but is I believe 16isj months. No idea on cost. 3- CEP time and exact cost depends on what school you go with. NAU was my plan and would be 28-29 months but the cost was significantly less, around 15000.

I ended up applying to the asu post bac primarily because of time. It's more expensive but that's over an extra year I can be earning. Also, the community college program was constantly changing the requirements and many of my fellow applicants kept thinking they had completed everything only to find out after applying that some requirement had changed in the last couple months and it began to start feeling like a hamster wheel.

To attend asu post bac, childcare, for me, is going to be rough and extremely expensive but again I figured I'd have to pay it for a year rather than two and a half.

Oh oh and the pre req courses- there are slightly fewer for cep. I don't remember the exact amount, but not so many fewer that it made a difference for me because nothing counted from my bachelors as I had a ba with like no science.

Good old luck on your decision! I'd love to hear what you figure out!