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Central Ohio Hospitals

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by JennInColumbus JennInColumbus (New Member) New Member

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I am starting my RN program in January (fingers crossed) and we will have some input into our clinical rotation selection. By that I mean our class is divided up and we go to different clinical sites. Some may go to an Ohio Health hospital, others may go to Mt. Carmel etc etc. If we don't get the one we want, we are allowed to try and switch with someone who has the location we want, so there is a good deal of flexibility.

Does anyone have any suggestions as far as which hospitals in Columbus are student friendly and which have reputations of being not as friendly? At this point I have no info on working environments for students. I have heard different things like "ohio health is a great place to work once you are an RN" but nothing about which hospitals offer an excellent environment for learning.

Thank you in advance,


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I live in the columbus area and all the hospitals are student friendly. You should not have to worry.


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