CEN Pocket Prep app?

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I've begun studying for my CEN. Some here mentioned Mark Boswells videos and the CEN Pocket Prep app. I've started on both and am curious; those who've used the app, what were you scoring and how did you do on the CEN? I'm trying the gauge how am doing (Started yesterday, usually score 50-70 on most tests, 160/700 questions done). At what point/score do you feel you were ready? As for the videos, are there specific ones to concentrate on? Or just keep them on loop?


I am also studying for CEN. I have the app and am scoring about what you are. I also have Sheehy's Manual of Emergency Care and I plan to go through the chapters based on how I'm doing in the app.

For the actual CEN the passing score is 70% basically. For practice tests aim for an 80% to give yourself jitter room on the actial exam. Jitter room being nervous / stress brain.

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