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CEFM when moving patients & misoprostol use


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I know that this is a hodge podge of questions, but that's just how my day has gone. #1 -Just checking with the other L&D units to see how you handle keeping a patient on CEFM when moving the patient from room to room. Had a demise between room moves with no indication of problems prior to the move. Patient off EFM for approximately 7 minutes & Chief of OB says this is not "defensible", must keep patients on CEFM. OK..... Possible solutions:

1. Take EFM off at last minute prior to move, move quickly & put on EFM ASAP when in new room.

2. Take tracing paper from first EFM & put in new room so no time stamp issues & still on same tracing.

3. Move the EFM along with the patient to new room & move quickly.

4. Purchase telemetry unit & keep patient on CEFM during move.

Anyon else ever have this situation come up? Thanks!

#2 Anyone willing to share policies about use of misoprostol (vaginal) for cervical ripening & nduction of labor for either a living fetus or an IUFD? The current policy here says "do what the physician" says & the nurses have been. Need to change that one fast. Thanks again!


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I am sorry but why are you moving pts in labor at all? I guess I am missing something here.

Also, where I work pts who have miso are on continuous EFM until they have delivered; this is a hospital policy for which there is no exception. Seems to me, you have a problem if you are "doing what physicians want". Perhaps a policy spelling out what is to be done for miso pts is in order?

We are an LDRP and no one moves rooms unless we become overcrowded, and then, it's only when they are delivered.

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