CDC Swine Flu Public Service Announcements (PSAs)


Three audio PSAs posted to provide timely messages about what you can do to protect yourself and your family: Swine Flu Preparedness, Community Planning for Swine Flu, and Hygiene Habits to Help Fight Swine Flu.



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Having worked as an Employee Health Nurse who fitted N-95 masks for all employees at the Sutter Home Health, clinics and in Santa Cruz, CA I'd like to recommend that those who have that mask (for circumstances such as this)and who were successfully fitted for it, (size medium or large), dig it out and check its condition; and be sure that when you are wearing it, air you blow out (not too forcefully) can't be felt by your hands around it.

The proper way to assure a good fit, is with a plastic cylander that employee health (and possibly IC) has. This is set on a person's shoulders and has a hole by the place where someone's nose would be. The an spritz of saccharin solution is applied to your tongue so you know what to expect when it is sprayed into the cylander (with the person having the N95 mask on properly). If, when the saccharin solution is sprayed several times into the cylander, it is detected, then the mask is not fitting well and therefore would not be effective.

Go/phone your pharmacy (if you're not working somewhere that supplies one)to see if they have N95 masks for you and your family. They should not cost more than $1. each. Yesterday the one I went to, was out of them and said Thursday their order should be in. Keep yours in a closed plastic baggie before it's worn, after you've worn it, keep the baggie open in a clean place (to allow moisture to dry).

Check the fit occasionally, and wear the thing in crowded elevators (or if someone is coughing in one). Ideally the person coughing would wear it, but usually they're the last people to have one. In CA during the SARS situation all government, hospital, and entrances to other large buildings had masks outside their doors, in stands similar to the ones where doggie bags are provided.

Stay out of crowded theatres, restaurants (use the take-out drive by windows) and other places where proximity can breed swine flu.

Love y' all, take care


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