CDC Releases App for Bioterrorism Response


Are you prepared for a bioterrorism attack? Would you know how to respond? The CDC has a new App that will help you protect yourself from exposure and find expert help.

The new app, Field Find is FREE and is available now only on the App Store for iOS devices


Field Facts gives first-responders crucial information to use in the first few moments and hours of a response to a potential bioterrorism incident. Access descriptions of safety measures and protective clothing to protect yourself from exposure. Learn how to recognize signs and symptoms of disease associated with eight potential bioterrorism agents. And find additional expert help quickly with the contact details for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's Emergency Operations Center, FBI Field Offices, and state public health laboratories.

The biological agents covered are:

• Ricin

• Botulism toxin

• Bacillus anthracis (anthrax)

• Yersinia pestis ( plague)

• Francisella tularensis (tularemia, also known as rabbit-fever)

• Brucella (brucellosis)

• Smallpox virus

• Burkholderia (melioidosis and glanders)

So what do you think???? It's good to be prepared, but this is scary.


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It sounds like a brush up on the last topic in my ADN's Community Health Nursing class, which I found extremely interesting. Too bad Sarin isn't listed since it seems to have been used more and more than the other biological war agents in recent years (to my knowledge).