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Planning Scenarios

These recommendations just came out today. Yes, HCW are one of the priority groups.

I am in another group as well as an asthmatic.

There is more info at the link.

The following are best-case planning scenarios that would be recommended in a setting of limited initial vaccine availability.

Target population: Students and staff (all ages) associated with schools (K-12th grade) and children (age ≥6 months) and staff (all ages) in child care centers.

Primary venues: schools and child care centers.

Goals: Provide direct protection against illness among persons who have high attack rates of illness, reduce likelihood of outbreaks that may lead to disruptive school dismissals, reduce transmission from schools into homes and the community.

Adherence to these guidelines will require state and local authorities to carry out extensive planning to reach school-aged populations either through venues such as school-associated mass vaccination efforts, or, where private capacity is sufficient, through local pediatric providers. Local pediatric care providers may play a particularly prominent role in vaccinating preschool-aged children who have a medical home. These planning efforts will reinforce longer-term immunization targets of strengthening vaccination efforts in these populations, and building links between health and education. The disruptive outbreaks prevalent in schools and some universities in the spring of 2009 may provide impetus for these planning steps to move forward actively. They will also permit strengthening capacity for seasonal influenza vaccination of school-aged children in future seasons.

Target population: Pregnant women, children 6 months - 4 years of age, new parents and household contacts of children

Primary venues: Provider offices, community clinics.

Goal: Reduce complications of novel H1N1 influenza, such as excess hospitalizations and deaths among those vulnerable for serious complications of influenza, as evidenced by higher rates of hospitalization; protect the youngest (

Sustaining a focus on pregnant women and young children is appropriate given their high rates of complications and hospitalizations to date, and is consistent with tier 1 prioritization for these groups in pre-pandemic planning.

Target population: Non-elderly adults (age

Primary venues: Occupational settings, community clinics, pharmacies, providers' offices. (Experience with seasonal influenza vaccine suggests that persons with underlying illness age 50 to 64 years may be more likely to receive vaccine from their provider, while younger persons may be more likely to be vaccinated elsewhere).

Goal: Reduce risk of hospitalizations and deaths among persons with higher rates of these complications than the general population, and focus vaccine where its impact can be most beneficial for direct protection.

The planning requirement to offer vaccine to young adults with risk factors will permit state and local authorities to address a group that does not frequently seek health care and has relatively low rates of vaccination against seasonal influenza. Links with occupational clinics, adult providers, or contingency plans for community venues or pharmacies are all options that might address this important at-risk group.

Target population: Health care workers and emergency services sector personnel (regardless of age).

Primary venue: Occupational settings, providers' offices.

Goal: Reduce risk of illness, sustain health system functioning, and reduce absenteeism among front-line providers; reduce transmission from emergency services personnel and health care workers to patients; provide additional worker protection in settings of increased exposure; reinforce importance of influenza vaccination among all health care workers.

Note: Immunization of military (e.g., deployed forces) may be appropriate given the current circumstances; however, this memo focuses on vaccination of civilian populations under the authority of CDC and state and local health departments.

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