I wanted to ask a couple of questions about Wayne States Second Degree Program...I am looking to either go there or to OU...

My first question is what would be a good gpa to have when applying for acceptance to the university

Second question would be how highly do they favor health care experience

Third question if you have withdrawls or repeats but a high gpa on the prerequsites will your chances of getting in decrease

Fourth question for the sociology course, did they take any course or was it just SOC 201


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WSU has information meetings pretty often, and they will answer all of these types of questions.

I went to one in April and they said that a "safe" gpa would be about 3.6. The lowest they accepted the year before, I think, was a 3.2. It depends on the pool of applicants, however. There are 10 classes that they look at: 6 science classes, and 4 non-science. They then calculate your gpa twice: once on only your science classes, and the second on all of the classes. Each grade point counts for 40% of your "total score", the rest is based on an essay that you need to write. The essays are very general questions, and are scored for spelling, grammar and sentence structure.

I'm not sure if repeats are counted against you, but the most recent grade counts, even if it is lower than the first grade. They do have some kind of "priority" system if you took your pre-reqs at wayne state and got a certain gpa, but they said basically no one falls into this category so not to worry about it.

Admissions are due in April for the following fall, and you must have all pre-reqs completed by a June 1 deadline. They make their decisions immediately after the deadline.

In their official handout, it says ANY sociology class, so I guess you might be ok.

As for healthcare experience, I have absolutely none and was admitted to the program.

I hope this helps! I would really recommend going to a meeting though. They should have some going on this summer.


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I will go to the meeting. Thank you so much that was very helpful!

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