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  1. salam: i want to post my poblem here & i hope that i will find a solution 4 my problem ...
    am a newly SN1 in one of new & strong hospitals in our area..my problem is with my manger who always underestimate my effort to become a succsful nurse in hs area ,,i like ccu very much & am alwys updating my self with the information that i need ,,trying to help evry single staff in the unit & trying to raise all important issues to other to get thier appenion but he is always says that am very week & my voice is low & critical area is not good 4 one with my weekness ..all the other stsff are very nice but some of them trying to raise any selly thing to manger immediatly so they can get his care becouse he is always appreciate all people who run to have his help but my morals is preventing me from coplaining aganist people who i work with them more than 12 hrs ..am i realy week ,,should i change my behavior so my manger respect me & in the same time i will lose my respect to my self ..
    help to take this desicion please & thanx 4 ur responce''':redpinkhe
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  3. by   XB9S
    You post is quite difficult to understand but my interpretation is that you are a newly qualified nurse working in CCU.

    You are trying to read and learn as much as you can and offer help to other nurses on your unit. You seem to feel that your manager doesn't appreciate your efforts or how much you want to succeed in CCU.

    Your manager seems to think that maybe critical care isn't for you because you are "weak" and maybe you don't speak up when he feels you should do. And you feel that although the other staff are very nice they tend to take every little problem to your manager which is something he likes. You don't think that this is appropriate because you don't want to be seen to be complaining about the other staff.

    You want to know if you should change what you are doing to gain the approval of your manager.

    Sorry if that is not quite right but it is what I have interpreted.

    From that, I think that if you are a newly qualified nurse who works in a critical care area then you should be ustilising your manager lots, you should be asking advice and raising concerns with him as that is the way you will learn. It's not about complaining about otehr staff but more about using the experience of your manager help guide you with your learning.

    As the nurse in charge on ICU I expected all of my new staff to keep me informed of what was going on with thier patients, because being new there may be subtle changes in your patient that you may not realise are significant but a more experienced staff member will recognise as a warning sign.

    If your manager is telling you that you are not speaking up enough then I would be guided by that expeirence and keep him informed of everything, in time you will learn what is important to communicate and what is not, but until you gain more experience be guided by the more senior staff that you work with.

    Hope this helps